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Hi, my name is Niecy B, founder of BLAC kITTY COUTURE, as a makeup artist working in the entertainment and fashion industry I quickly learned the art of speaking non-verbal LUXURY BEAUTY FROM HEAD TO TOE.

Several years later I begin to notice a void in the African American Community for high-end luxury hair extensions. Seeing African American women dressed immaculately from head to toe but with sub-par hair extensions just wasn't cool!

 Sidebar, we spend more than anyone else when it comes to beauty. According to the Nielsen Report, in 2016 African-Americans held a buying power of $1 trillion when it came to buying beauty products, with an estimated tally to reach $1.3 trillion by the end 2017, with expecting growth to continue for years to come. So why are we wearing sub-par knockoff hair extensions passed off as luxury hair? Hair extensions we have to braid, twist or wrap before going to bed. Guess what that is not the hair worn on screen, in print or on the catwalk.

I'm going to be real right now! Celebrities are not wearing Brazilian, Malaysian, or Peruvian 4A, 5A or any other kind of A's hair extensions, that is what we are being told within our community to be good hair. Meanwhile, we carry a paddle brush to brush out the matted hair at the back of our nape, this type of hair is usually chemically processed hair coming from China. China is the biggest exporter of human hair. How is it collected? The hair is collected from hair comb waste balls. Hair that is collected from people’s combs or plugholes, plug holes are bath, basin or sink drains which wastewater flows, then the hair is sold to hair factories. Next comes the processing. The outer layer of the hair, the cuticles, has scales, like scales seen on fish, all pointing in the same direction. But the problem with comb waste is that the hair is mangled up, the scales are pointed in different directions causing it to tangle and knot, to resolve the problem the hair is typically put in a chemical bath to remove the cuticle completely. The chemical removes the tangles but the lack of a cuticle results in somewhat lower hair quality, but by the end of the process, the hair looks good. So it’s passed off as high-quality luxury Virgin or Remy Hair. Why? At the top of the hair extension market is “Virgin” hair, hair that has never been chemically treated and “Remy” Hair, hair which has been cut or shaved directly from a donor.

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